As the MIPASIC Automotive Sub-Industry Cluster, which was initially formed by 20 companies operating in the automotive sub-industry, we represent various suppliers to the automotive operating within Manisa Industrial Park. 

MIPASIC Automotive has 71 active members of which 39 are SMEs and 22 are Large Scale Companies, as well as the university, TTO, public bodies, vocational high school, logistic center, local Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Development Agency, Industrial Park and Innovation Center. Click here to see the full list of Cluster Members, and click here to see the 20 major members of the Cluster.

 MIPASIC acts as direct suppliers to the main industry by manufacture wheel, suspension solutions, leaf spring & light weight solutions, suspension systems, propeller shafts, steering columns, transmission parts, bumpers, rubber tubes and pipes and we manufacture various parts to main industry suppliers such as mold, metal parts, sheet metal parts, cables.

Our Mission

To ensure recognition of the Cluster and increase national and international competitiveness by strengthening the innovation and collaboration culture among our members. 

Our Vision

Developing and implementing policies that will enable our companies to be in an eco-system capable of developing pioneering and high-tech products, and realize innovation based on R&D within 5 years. 


Our Strategic Targets

  • Within 3 years, carrying out studies that will strengthen the cooperative efforts of the cluster to optimize costs by meeting with international and domestic players in the sector, to encourage the establishment of joint ventures in Manisa Industrial Park by meeting and to strengthen the industrial capacity of the cluster by operating in line with attracting knowledge-intensive Foreign Direct Investors to the cluster.

  • Transforming the cluster's production and production management systems to E4.0 - digital transformation and turning the cluster into a nationally and internationally recognized production center.

  • To jointly apply for regional, national and European funds and coordinate activities to benefit from R&D, innovation and investment incentives. 

  • To cooperate with OEMs to ensure the establishment of a prototype production center and design verification infrastructure with a 3D printer that will respond to customers' (OEM) rapid prototyping needs, and to cooperate with technology companies and universities with this respect.
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