Acro TK Plastik İşleme Dönüşüm San. Ltd. Şti.

Keçiliköy OSB Mah.Atatürk Cad. No:12 MOSB Yunusemre/Manisa TÜRKİYE

Industry :

Plastic Injection

Areas of Expertise :

Quality management, Operations Management, Project Management, Human Resources Management, Supply Chains Management.

Contact Person :

Turan Çaltıdere


Acro Tk considers the protection of the environment and its employees as one of its most important tasks. Hereby, it realizes its production respectful to nature.


To provide optimum performance, durability, and efficiency by offering innovative design solutions to meet the demands of our customers.

• Continuing production development investments without interruption to ensure know-how continuity.

• To increase cooperation with universities.

• To improve the production system by closely following the production technologies.



To be the leading plastic products manufacturer in Europe and to be the reliable partner of the main industries, to provide global recognition with the most up-to-date engineering technologies, advanced quality techniques and competitive prices.



Injection Machine: 25 qty (with robot) (Machine Parkour: 80-1.000 tons)

• Annual / Raw Material Consumption: 3,000 Tons 

Fully Automatic Serigraphy Printing Machines : 2 qty

• Annual / Product: 2.160.000 pieces

Top Assembly Automatic Grouping Line: 1 qty

• Annual / Product: 2.160.000 pieces

Door Assemly Lines: 2 qty

• Annual / Product: 4.320.000 pieces

Dispencer Assembly Line: 1 qty

• Annual / Product: 2.160.000 pieces


ISO 9001: 2015
Quality Management System (Applied, in the audit phase)

  • Whirlpool Company
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Faber A Franke Company
  • Klimasan Metalfrio | Solutions
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